Tree Stones: Relaunch for Helly Hansen Workwearcenter webshop

In a short three months, Tree Stones and Helly Hansen Workwearcenter have jointly launched a completely revamped e-commerce webshop. The result is a modern design, improved user-friendliness and an innovative technological platform.

By switching from Magento 2 to Shopware 6, HellyHansen Workwearcenter is saying goodbye to an aging, error-prone and slow webshop. The new platform should impress with its performance, modern design and optimized user interface. This not only results in a better conversion rate, but also gives HellyHansen Workwearcenter the freedom to design its own online marketing campaigns efficiently in the backend. In addition, a clear and concise structure allows product sets and promotions to be conveniently entered via the backend.

The main challenge of this project was the tight time frame of just three months. Thanks to intensive collaboration, the complete relaunch was achieved within this tight time frame. In addition to importing products, images and customer information, the use of was particularly crucial. With the support of artificial intelligence, product data was prepared appropriately for Shopware and the corresponding images were correctly assigned to the respective product variants, based on data from the manufacturer Helly Hansen. With the new web store, Helly Hansen Workwearcenter aims to set new standards in e-commerce and is optimally positioned for the requirements of the digital age.

Responsible at Helly Hanson Workwearcenter: Peter Wider (owner), Marc Erb (management). Responsible at Tree Stones: Daniel Hofmann (Project Management), Jason Witter (Project Management), Jennifer Swirta (Online Marketing).

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