Metadesign sends classic cars to the Metaverse

How do you bring the classic cars of yesteryear onto the roads of tomorrow? A question that Metadesign asked itself for Classic Cars. The answer is the virtual brand experience around the new Roarington brand.

The history of classic cars is characterized by myths, legends, technological wonders and timeless design. Until now, however, classic cars have mainly been the preserve of privileged collectors. New developments are now making it possible for the general public to become part of this world.

With this in mind, Metadesign has worked with Publicis Zurich to develop a brand that will be incorporated into an interactive and immersive brand world under the name Roarington. The name is intended to convey the emotions and passion for the motorized icons, combined with the charm of a fictitious English village - often the venue for classic car rallies.

Visually, the brand provides a stage for the classic cars with their strong colors and shapes - the actual protagonists. At the same time, it picks up on the dynamics of the racing tracks and uses digital impulses to highlight the disruptive character of Roarington. Lukas Eiselin, CEO Metadesign, says: "The Roarington brand is an impressive example of how a brand can use digitalization in all its dimensions and adapt its business for the future. Roarington makes this clear not only in its brand identity, but also with the entire range of services in Roarington Metaland."

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