Wirz and Webrepublic: pleasing results for the Migros app

You can now also shop online in the Migros app without having to go through a second app. This seemingly inconspicuous innovation is highly relevant to business. BoB, the cooperation between WIRZ and Webrepublic, has ensured that Migros customers find out about the new feature and use it.

After 13 successful years, Migros said goodbye to the Migros online app (formerly LeShop) at the end of May. The online shopping feature is now integrated into the Migros app. The Migros app thus offers a unique and comprehensive range of services throughout Switzerland, from online ordering, shopping and in-store payment to the integration of personal Cumulus benefits.

"The Migros online team had a complex task to solve: to change a familiar user behavior, increase eComm sales and generate new app installations at the same time. Together with Webrepublic, we developed a multi-stage campaign logic that was consistently aligned with the business objectives," says Nico Keramaris, Managing Director Marketing & Innovation at WIRZ. The creative concept and the various calls-to-action were then optimally aligned through efficient collaboration.

Two become one

The campaign gives the seemingly simple innovation a very special meaning. The integration of the online shopping function into the Migros app is staged as exciting news with a "Breaking News!" character. And this in combination with a witty wording that runs as a common thread through the entire communication: Potz Blitz!

Dominik Plüss, Senior Specialist SEA at Webrepublic, explains: "The combination of several ad formats with state-of-the-art visual design made it possible to fulfill different marketing objectives within one campaign. This allowed us to generate a valuable business impact for the Migros retail ecosystem."

Potz Blitz - but really

Together with the organic effect of merging the two apps, the campaign achieved pleasing results: For example, the proportion of online orders via the app is 23% higher than before. During the campaign, 38% of new customers ordering online were acquired via the app. Before the merge, the figure was 15 percent on average. This figure rose to 32% after the campaign. And more than half of all active Migros app users visited the new ordering function in the app.

Responsible at Migros Online: Elin Dürr (Marketing Manager), Florian Vogler (Product Manager), Sina Harms (Head of Marketing Concepts & Projects), Philippe Roch (Head of Digital Marketing, Media & Content), Christophe Gonin (Traffic Manager), Gitta Santandrea (Copywriter & Translator), Andrea von Kaenel (CMO).

Responsible at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives: Kristian Brändle (Senior Project Manager Strategy), Frédéric Züricher (Head of Umbrella Brand), Sabine Ruchty (Head of Strategy).

Responsible at BoB: Webrepublic: Pablo Büttikofer, Benjamin Gapany, Dominik Plüss, Meret Jean-Petit-Matile, Leni Koos, Jazz Kind; WIRZ: Caspar Heuss, Marcus Josty, Laura Starace, Morris Lötscher, Nico Keramaris, Vanessa Lehmann-Spalleck, Eva Bachmann, Erasmo Palomba, Giovanni Bucca, Yussef Serrat, Corinne Räber, Karin Gartmann, Rahel Signer, Besian Ademi.

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