OneID: New initiative for digital advertising technology

Swiss publishers and their marketers Audienzz, CH Media, Goldbach and Ringier Advertising presented a joint ID solution for digital advertising in Switzerland at the DEX Conference.

The dynamically changing digital advertising market is facing a decisive turning point. With the phasing out of third-party cookies and changing data protection regulations, the market is being forced to fundamentally rethink established practices. With the introduction of the new OneID service, marketers are therefore jointly creating a basic technology in the form of a digital advertising ID. This should enable advertisers to address Swiss users easily and without overlaps across publishers via programmatic buying platforms, which was previously only possible on the large international platforms. One specific use case, for example, is frequency capping, i.e. limiting how often a particular ad is shown to an individual user.

Secure infrastructure

OneID will help advertisers achieve their marketing goals within a trusted, transparent and secure infrastructure and is expected to be available to advertisers by the end of the first quarter of 2024. Integration into the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework ensures that users retain control and transparency over their own data and its use and prevents the misuse of personal data.

For the advertising marketers Audienzz, CH Media, Goldbach and Ringier Advertising, OneID is a sign of innovation in the field of advertising technology and lays the foundation for a future-proof digital advertising infrastructure. OneID will be implemented within the existing OneLog joint venture between the publishing houses involved. OneLog already offers an SSO login solution for Swiss media. The OneID advertising ID solution is a service that is independent of the OneLog login solution. Users can use the services independently of each other. OneID is also available to all interested publishers outside the participating marketers.


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