Capture Media: Migros Genossenschaftsbund is "Campaign of the Month" September

Every month, the digital specialist Capture Media selects a "Campaign of the Month" from among all ongoing campaigns. In September, Migros won with its collective pass "Ad Engagement Campaign".

At heart, we have all remained a bit of a child. The stories of the Spinmania world are fascinating, whether young or old. This is also shown by the evaluations of Capture Media's interactive "Ad Engagement" campaign. Stories need to be heard in order to be transported. And the interactive ad is staged with this in mind. With Capture Media's ad engagement setup, users can immerse themselves in the five different collectible audio stories directly in the advertising material.

The arrangement of the fairytale-like stories can be swiped by users in a similar way to a carousel. The playful approach ensures a demonstrable brand experience and lasting positive anchoring in the minds of users. Thanks to the nature of the advertising form, the Sammelspass campaign achieves an exceptionally high interaction rate with the radio plays in the advertising material. The figures reflect the great interest and - above all - people's need for a positive distraction in everyday life: 25 percent of all users who interact with the ad listen to a story. The ad engagement rate is 7.3 percent.

The clickout rate of 14.63% on the "Listen to stories" button, which ultimately redirects users to the landing page, is also remarkable. In relation to the ad impressions, this results in a CTR of 1.07 percent. Compared to the average CTR of 0.12% on conventional display ads, this figure shows the interest of users in Migros' playful campaign.

The navigation arrows are also actively used: 17.53% of engaged users click on the left arrow, while 7.13% choose the right arrow. This adds up to an overall click rate within the navigation of 24.66 percent.

Capture Media has taken into account the better performance on mobile devices (70.2% of ad engagements are generated via mobile) and dynamically optimized the programmatic playout to the best possible values on a daily basis.

Responsible at Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund: Celina Bernasconi (Project Manager Media). Responsible at Capture Media: Michel Mariani (Chief Business Officer), Leona Zerr (Digital & Analytics Vice Lead), Johanna Fendrich (Head of Digital Design). Responsible at Dentsu: Martina Busiello (Media Director Digital), Yvonne Ledergerber (Campaign Manager), Lars Kops (Campaign Manager).












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