"Podcasts are evergreen content"

On Thursday, the "Decibel" podcast conference took place for the first time at Technopark Winterthur with over 100 participants. Werbewoche.ch discussed the topic of podcasts in depth with organizer Nico Leuenberger, focusing on advertising opportunities.

Nico Leuenberger, founder of Podcastschmiede and organizer of Dezibel, explains the importance of the Swiss podcast conference. Podcastschmiede, a podcast agency based in Winterthur, produces customized podcasts for companies, foundations and the public sector. Leuenberger emphasizes the importance of captivating stories for successful podcasts. In terms of advertising opportunities, he mentions in-house podcast productions and the placement of advertisements in existing podcasts.

The KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) not only emphasize reach, but also the listen-through rate. Leuenberger explains that good podcast advertising should suit the podcast in question and ideally be spoken by the podcaster themselves. Programmatic bookings are still in their infancy in Switzerland, but Podcastschmiede offers a booking platform for suitable podcasts.

The advertising alliance makes it possible to organize campaigns via various podcasts. Finally, Leuenberger explains the term "dynamic advertising", which is only present during the campaign period and allows podcasters to monetize older episodes as well.



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