Käthy Känzig sheds light on creativity in "Modern Creativity"

In 30 podcast episodes, "Modern Creativity" is dedicated to the topic of creativity. Host and producer Käthy Känzig spoke to various people to gain insights into their creative processes.

Käthy Känzig, host and producer of the "Modern Creativity" podcast. (Picture: Max Känzig)

How do I find access to my creativity? How do people express their creativity? Zurich-based Käthy Känzig addresses these questions in her podcast "Modern Creativity". In over 30 episodes, she talks about topics such as entrepreneurship, personal development, mindfulness and spirituality to inspire people on their path to creative expression.

In conversations with guests such as process facilitators Marisa Burn and Raphaela Pichler, tech start-up founder Nicolas Egger and comedian Anaïs Decasper, Känzig hopes to gain an insight into their creative processes and life paths.

In the latest video episode, Anaïs Decasper explains how she developed from a receptionist at Radio Energy to a comedian. She also explains why this path was not always easy and what authenticity means to her.

Comedian Anaïs Decasper (left) together with host Käthy Känzig.

In addition to conversations, Käthy Känzig shares knowledge from her systemic coaching training in solo episodes or gives listeners insights into her personal story.

The podcast "Modern Creativity" was launched in 2022. Interested parties can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast and YouTube listen.

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