Webrepublic launches in-house developed AI-powered analytics tools

With AI-Powered Analytics, the Zurich-based agency is launching its own set of tools to increase the scalability of data analysis - and thus increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Increasingly isolated advertising environments of marketing platforms (walled gardens), the growing importance of first-party data, and increasingly protected privacy: these topics dominate the current discourse around data-driven marketing. They also contribute to the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to correctly measure and interpret their marketing measures.

AI-Powered Analytics 

To meet this challenge, Webrepublic relies on the latest developments in machine learning: The AI-powered analytics tools created in-house enable automated, cross-platform, independent and scalable data evaluation. "Our self-learning models make it possible to increase the success of campaigns with statistically relevant insights - even when conventional measurement methods reach their limits," says Dorian Kind, Director Data & Technologies at Webrepublic.

Dorian Kind (Director Data & Technologies) and Tobias Zehnder (Partner and Co-Founder) (from left) focus on the combination of artificial and human intelligence.

The correct interpretation of the high-quality data remains with the marketing specialists at the Zurich agency: "Our motto is: analyzed by AI, interpreted by humans. Instead of perceiving artificial intelligence as competition, we see it as a tool that helps us achieve the best for our clients," says Tobias Zehnder, partner and co-founder of Webrepublic, with conviction.

Webrepublic's tools use state-of-the-art AI technologies in various areas of campaign evaluation and optimization:

  • Impact analysis of business decisions or other external influences on campaign performance
  • Optimal budget allocation across all channels to achieve the best possible return on investment
  • Detailed user profiles, based on analysis of first-party data sources, to achieve personalized targeting across the sales funnel
  • Insights into campaign performance and effectiveness using geospatial data

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