Digital Ad Trust: Worse values in the second quarter

The "Digital Ad Trust Switzerland" (DAT) initiative has once again examined the certified values of all participating publishers for the second quarter of 2023. The quality scores in the areas of viewability, brand safety and ad fraud have deteriorated slightly.

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Since February 2021, the IAB Switzerland Association (IAB), Leading Swiss Agencies (LSA) and the Swiss Advertisers Association (SWA) have been working with DAT to make the Swiss digital advertising market more transparent ( reported). In the meantime, most Swiss publishers are certified for quality values and DAT regularly informs about the developments.

Visibility rates: Slight deterioration

Following the sharp rise in visibility rates in the first quarter of 2023 there was now a slight decline and the overall viewability across all formats was 70.3 percent in Q2. Above all, the half-page ad, which was recently above the 90 percent mark for the first time, has fallen to a visibility of 86.9 percent. It is still by far the best visible format.

The medium rectangle was the only advertising medium to improve in the second quarter, following an already strong increase in Q1. The value is now 78.6 percent. The Wideboard fell by 2.9 percentage points to 70.7 percent. Mobile Medium Rectangle also declined by 3.3 percent, coming in at 63.6 percent in Q2. Not to be forgotten, the global MRC standard for viewability requires 50 percent for an ad impression to be considered delivered.

Ad fraud: slight increase at a low level

The Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) ad fraud rate rose for the first time in the second quarter after two quarters of decline, and now averages 0.76 percent.

Brand safety values: remain at a very low level

At 0.10 percent, the brand safety values surveyed by IAS remain at a very low level. In the first quarter, the value was even lower at 0.06 percent.


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