Adobe Firefly is now commercially available

Adobe is releasing its generative AI called Firefly for commercial use. Users can use Firefly in Creative Cloud, Adobe Express, and Experience Cloud.


Adobe has completed the beta phase of its Firefly generative AI model and released it for commercial use. Firefly is newly integrated into Adobe Express, Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud applications, the company said Thursday. The commercial version also includes the new Firefly Web app, which allows creative minds to access Photoshop, Illustrator and Express workflows, it said.

Another new feature is the introduction of the "Generative Credits" payment model. The credits are tokens that users can redeem to create images and videos with text-based prompts, according to the release. The credits are available for the paid versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Express and Firefly.

Adobe GenStudio for enterprise

Adobe is also introducing Adobe GenStudio, an application that enables companies to optimize their content supply chain with Firefly AI, according to the release. With the linkage in Creative Cloud, Firefly, Express and Experience Cloud, creative departments could create and deliver new and modified content faster.

This article first appeared in the Web Week.

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