Link Study: Job loss due to AI worries the Swiss:inside

Link and YouGov use five global topics to shed light on what people in Switzerland and Germany are currently worried about. The top concerns are geopolitical tensions, but climate change, inflation and AI are also causing headaches.

(Graphic: YouGov/Link)

Current world events are making many people uncomfortable. To find out what the Swiss and Germans think about five particularly hotly debated global issues, the market research companies Link and YouGov conducted representative surveys in both countries.

Worry topics: Climate change more in Switzerland, inflation more in Germany

The Swiss (74 %) and Germans (76 %) are most concerned about geopolitical tensions that could lead to wars or nuclear disasters. In Switzerland, concerns about climate change and its consequences, such as natural disasters, come in second place (72 %). Germans are a little less concerned about this - with 68 %, this topic comes in third place of the five surveyed for Germans. Compared with climate change, people in Germany are even slightly more concerned about insufficient household finances due to rising inflation (73 %). These concerns are shared somewhat less in Switzerland, at 68 percent.

Concern for KI and replacement of the workplace

Artificial intelligence is currently creating many opportunities - but also concerns, as the survey shows. In Switzerland, 62 % of respondents are concerned about the possible replacement of jobs by the use of artificial intelligence. In Germany, slightly fewer people are concerned, at 54 %, but still more than half of respondents.

In both countries, "new epidemics/pandemics of infectious diseases" cause the least concern among the five topics queried: 50 % in Switzerland and 52 % in Germany.

For the Survey by YouGov and the YouGov Group company Link Marketing Services, 1,049 people in Switzerland were surveyed from August 11 to 17, 2023, and 2,074 people in Germany from August 11 to 15, 2023, based on YouGov Surveys. The results are weighted and representative of the respective populations aged 18 and over.

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