Sunrise expands into a community hub

The platform, known for gaming news, is being expanded into a community hub through a graphic and technical upgrade. This will provide new opportunities for direct exchange.

Gamers are often part of a broad-based community. Until now, however, communication within the different sections and genres has mostly taken place on social media or a chat service. A platform that bundles all communication around the relevant topics has been lacking until now.

To counteract fragmentation and thus strengthen the community experience, Sunrise has expanded into a community hub. Users would now benefit from a common platform where they can update themselves on the diverse topics of the digital world and exchange ideas. The platform serves gaming and other topics related to the digital lifestyle, such as cosplay, streaming, e-sports, augmented and virtual reality.

The upgrade includes both functional and graphical elements. In the future, users will be able to create their own profiles and have more opportunities to interact with each other. At the same time, will continue to be the information hub for everything happening in the Swiss gaming and e-sports scene. Since April 2023, the Estudios agency, which was also entrusted with the relaunch of the platform, has been responsible for the mix of content such as news, groups and tournaments. In addition, however, the content is also to be co-designed and expanded by the members themselves. With the new event calendar, the community can also offer its own events. But also the big happenings and events will be announced and accompanied with reporting.

"Sunrise customers are also increasingly interested in digital trends such as augmented and virtual reality, innovative gadgets and hardware, and e-sports, and some of them already belong to the gamer community. We are taking this development into account by making better use of the synergies with," says Severina Pascu, CCO of Sunrise.

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