Bring! Labs presents innovations for brochure app Profital

Bring! Labs has just announced the relaunch of the Profital brochure app. Profital gives its users an overview of current brochures and promotions from retailers and brand manufacturers. It was redeveloped in Switzerland and presents itself with a modernized design as well as a variety of improvements.

Die Profital-App der Bring! Labs AG wurde mondernisiert und verbessert.
The Profital app from Bring! Labs AG has been modernized and improved.

Usability and aesthetics: Bring! Labs has emphasized that the usability and aesthetics of the app have been brought to a new level. This means that the app should now be even easier and more intuitive to use.

Favorites tab: With the new Profital, there is a dedicated tab for favorites. Users:inside can save their favorite companies and access them quickly. This allows for a personalized and time-saving experience when browsing brochures and promotions.

Light and Dark Mode: To meet the different preferences of the user community, the new Profital offers a Light and Dark Mode. Users can customize the appearance of the app to their personal preferences and enjoy a pleasant user experience in both light and dark backgrounds.

Availability: In Switzerland, Profital stands for both iOS as well as for Android available. The app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Google Play.

These new features and improvements should provide users with a better and more enjoyable experience when searching for the latest brochures and promotions from retailers and brand owners.

Marco Cerqui, CEO Bring! Labs
Marco Cerqui, CEO Bring! Labs

Marco Cerqui, CEO of Bring! Labs says about the relaunch: "The launch of our own Profital platform is a very important cornerstone for the future. We can now respond even better to the needs of the advertising market as well as to our users and bring innovative new features to the market. Synergies between Bring! and Profital will be used more intensively and offered to our advertising partners. We are all very happy about this milestone."

About Profital

Since the beginning of 2022, Profital belongs to the Swiss mobile tech company Bring! Labs AG, which also includes the Bring! Shopping lists app heard. The two apps accompany users through all phases of the shopping process - from inspiration to planning to purchase. In addition, Bring! Labs AG offers companies from the retail and FMCG industries an innovative mobile advertising platform. It enables new marketing channels to be opened up and products to be placed in the context of shopping in a targeted and native manner during purchase planning and purchase decisions.

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