Mobilezone closes eight repair locations

Mobilezone plans to repair cell phones primarily only at its headquarters in Rotkreuz in the future. The company will close eight local repair locations by the end of June, it announced on Thursday.

The importance of on-site repairs has constantly declined in recent years, according to the press release. Instead of going to the store, more and more customers are sending their cell phones, tablets or smartwatches by mail to the central workshop in Rotkreuz. This has led to a decline in volume at the local workshops.

The company is therefore closing its repair shops in Basel, Bern, Emmenbrücke, Geneva, St. Gallen, Winterthur, Wallisellen and Zurich. Only the workshop in Lugano will continue to operate, it says. In addition, the company is strengthening its central repair shop in Rotkreuz, according to the statement.

According to a spokesperson, one employee per site was previously responsible for repairs. Accordingly, eight employees are affected by the site closures of the repair shops. However, most of them will be deployed in sales in the future, he explained.

According to the spokesman, the traditional cell phone repair business has been in double-digit decline for several years. One reason for this is the better quality of the cell phones sold today. Moisture damage, for example, is practically non-existent. What is increasing, however, is refurbishment, i.e. the reconditioning of used cell phones to give them a "second life. (SDA)

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