Vivents connects the physical with the digital world with Crypto Vreneli

Each coin is unique: The Web3 start-up Vivents connects the Gold Vreneli coin with NFC chips and thus builds a bridge to the digital world.

The new asset class PAC (Phygital Asset Coin) is apparently finding favor with investors and art collectors. On March 31, the first limited edition of 100 Crypto Vreneli was launched and was almost sold out after just one week. The innovators Vivents by ArtDeal and Philoro Switzerland are already working on a second Crypto Vreneli edition.

The Crypto Vreneli is made in Switzerland and combines tradition and modernity in a new edition of the popular Gold Vreneli coin. The coin, made of pure gold, carries an NFC chip that, when read with a cell phone app, refers to a digital asset in a blockchain that is immutable and non-exchangeable. The Crypto Vreneli thus represents the fusion of two asset classes: physical and digital.

The uniqueness of each individual Crypto Vreneli manifests itself in a pixel-art graphic that shows the classic Vreneli motif in a variety of variations. Owners of the new Crypto Vreneli benefit from added value in the sense of so-called "Unlockable Content". The Crypto Vreneli uses the principle of a so-called Non-Fungible Token (NFT). However, because a physical value is linked to a digital value, it is "phygital" and represents an innovation within the previously known asset classes.

Vivents builds bridge to new economy

The creation, design as well as the technical implementation and Web 3.0 placement is handled by Vivents and builds the bridge into the new economy for Philoro with the Crypto Vreneli. "Phygital is not only considered one of the most important buzzwords of the digital transformation, but also describes an attitude towards life with which metaverse target groups currently want to be addressed in novel, complex consumer galaxies," says Sarah Schlagenhauf, founder and CEO of Vivents by ArtDeal.

The NFT of the Crypto Vreneli is paired in an Ethereum wallet (digital wallet) connected to the gold coin. By scanning the NFC chip via mobile app, the owner unlocks his individual Crypto Vreneli in the blockchain. The digital Vreneli visualized in this way is unique for each coin. At Opensea the individual Crypto Vreneli NFTs can be seen in their diversity.

Each one manifests itself in a pixel art graphic that shows the classic Vreneli motif in multiple variations. The artwork is intentionally adapted to the diversity within the gender diversity of our society today.

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