Jung von Matt Tech realizes aesthetic web presence for DKZ

Jung von Matt Tech has developed a new website for the Dermatology Clinic Zurich in line with the brand identity created by Jung von Matt Brand Identity. The focus is on the visually attractive and clearly guided entry to the website. This is complemented by a user-friendly CMS and precise SEO optimization.

Jung von Matt Tech develops the new website of the Dermatology Clinic Zurich DKZ and sharpens it in line with the evolving brand. The clinic's brand identity, refreshed by Jung von Matt Brand Identity, is designed to convey aesthetic precision and elegance. These elements also underpin the newly launched website.

In the course of three shootings and one video shoot, image images and new headers were created that pick up on the new brand design and convey the clinic's bundled expertise. Together with the intro animation, the elements give the DKZ brand a stage and provide an attractive introduction to the website. Accordingly, the introduction is also at the center of the new appearance. The CMS, which was specifically developed for the website, allows for an uncomplicated expansion of the web presence at any time.

Each website is unique

At the heart of the DKZ brand is the belief and knowledge that every skin is unique. Following the same principle, Jung von Matt Tech's Expert:innen implemented an individualized solution completely tailored to DKZ's needs. The individuality and diversity of human skin was the basis for the redesign of the website. Aesthetics, precision, skin tones and the medical light blue determine the appearance.

In order to make the services more accessible to users and to improve the dialog with patients, the website was restructured. Short facts, FAQs and concise texts give interested parties a quick overview of the treatment options and communicate the clinic's professionalism and expertise. A dashboard also gives DKZ the opportunity to track the performance of the website.

Responsible at DKZ: Stephan M. Michel (CEO/CFO), Sandra Béchir-Diolaiuti (Chief Operating Officer), Piotr J. Michel-Dziunycz, MD (Chief Medical Officer). Responsible at Jung von Matt Tech: Emmanuel Denier (Screen Design), Mergime Raci (User Experience), Manuel Meister (Frontend Lead), Stefanie Pfeffer, Maya Bornschein (Project Management), Stefan Bruggmann (Managing Director, Development Lead), Michelle Scholz (Managing Director, Creation & Experience). Responsible at Jung von Matt Brand Identity: Christina Widmann (Creative Direction), Hannah Andresen (Design), Diana Geissel (Consulting), Dr. Thomas Deigendesch (Strategy).

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