Adello brings advertising format for NFTs

A new mobile form of advertising makes it possible to examine NFTs in detail before buying them. This is intended to open up further target groups for the NFT market.

Ad tech provider Adello is introducing a new advertising format in the mobile sector: "NFT-Live," an advertising format developed specifically for NFTs (non-fungible tokens), is designed to allow mobile users to explore 3D models from all angles. In this way, NFTs are to be experienced in a new way; interested parties can be linked directly to the selected NFT marketplace.

The new creative design is designed to create a seamless experience that allows NFTs to be experienced in all their facets in a way that has not been possible before. The 3D model is fully rendered and animated and can be explored from all angles. This allows users to get a comprehensive picture of each NFT's unique features and make an informed purchase decision before making a purchase. Optionally, current data (price, bids) can also be dynamically imported. According to Adello, this opens up nearly the entire population to the NFT market. The new mobile advertising for NFTs is available now on the Adello platform.

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