Witwinkel implements recruiting mini-game for Ikea Switzerland

In cooperation with Ikea Switzerland, the Zurich-based agency Witwinkel has developed a mini-game that allows interested people to test whether one of the apprenticeships at Ikea Switzerland appeals to them. Real Ikea employees present apprenticeship professions, and the young people's interests are also asked in a playful way.

Choosing the right apprenticeship is one of the most significant steps in young people's lives. In order to meet young people at eye level right from the start, Ikea Switzerland has launched a unique apprenticeship search assistance service and brought the Zurich-based agency Witwinkel on board for this purpose.

Apprenticeship search as a special experience

Together, an interactive information video with game character was implemented in four languages, which is intended to turn the apprenticeship search into an experience for interested parties. Prospective apprentices are guided through the various apprenticeship professions by real Ikea employees along an activating story, asked about their preferences and interests, and rewarded with various points for their answers. In this way, they can playfully test whether the activities of their chosen profession really suit them.

Conveniently, at the end of the video there is the option to apply directly for a vacant apprenticeship position from the comprehensive range of apprenticeships at Ikea Switzerland.

The first step to the perfect match

This idea enriches the apprenticeship search with insights and authentic testimonials from the apprenticeship company. This should not only make it easier for young talents to decide on an apprenticeship, but also give them the opportunity to identify with Ikea Switzerland as early as the information process.

Accompanied by the Mini Game Video from a nationwide Snapchat & TikTok campaign.

Responsible at Ikea Switzerland: Sara Thenen (project manager); Dijana Mirnic (trainer / intro / speaker). Responsible at Witwinkel: Lara Hanselmann (project management & concept); Severin Wirth (camera & editing); Valerie Gervik (lighting); Florian Hillner (lighting & sound); Timo Kern (graphics & programming); Niko Messerli (animation & design, II Design).

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