Sir Mary trains with the HWZ to become an AdOps specialist

In a new seminar, Sir Mary and the HWZ teach interested parties about the work processes and technologies for online advertising. What's behind it.

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In a new seminar, Sir Mary and the HWZ train participants to become AdOps specialists in two weeks. The focus is on the work processes and technologies needed to deliver, target and analyze online advertising. spoke with Vanessa Habisreutinger, Partner/Director Media & Technology Sir Mary, and Dominic Stöcklin, Head of Studies at the HWZ, about the content, objectives and process. Sir Mary is launching the "HWZ Academy Certificate "AdOps Specialist:in" with the HWZ. At first glance, that sounds like training for intelligence or cybercrime experts. But what is it really about?

Vanessa Habisreutinger: Admittedly, the subject matter has a certain mystique and cybercrime Expert:in is actually a bit of an AdOps Specialist:in in terms of brand safety (laughs). However, the opposite impression, i.e. a less abstract picture or demystification of ad operations, is the goal of our seminar. For one thing, in terms of the language and topics we Ad Ops Specialist:in deal with, there is a large overlap with the marketing and sales departments of the companies. It is therefore much less abstract, but much more business-relevant and target-oriented than assumed. On the other hand, it is also feasible for career changers with an affinity for numbers and technology to learn crucial qualifications and skills within the time frame of the seminar. In short, the aim is to implement and optimize the digital marketing strategy technologically as efficiently and effectively as possible at the relevant touchpoints and finally to deliver the proof in the form of figures.

In very few sentences: What does a person who earns the HWZ certificate learn?

Dominic Stöcklin: Ad operations managers are responsible in a marketing department for effective and efficient distribution within the framework of the respective campaign strategy and media planning. We want to impart the knowledge necessary for this: from the selection and use of suitable tools to the appropriate setting of target group alignment and buying strategies to the monitoring, optimization and evaluation of target values. We have set ourselves the goal of covering the entire complexity of digital marketing. The seminar gives all participants an in-depth insight into the work of successful ad operations managers and provides the necessary tools in a practical and implementation-oriented manner.

For whom is the training particularly suitable?

Dominic Stöcklin: This certificate is basically exciting for two target groups: On the one hand, of course, current or prospective ad operations managers on the agency or company side who want to learn relevant tools and tactics. On the other hand, marketing executives who want to better understand the complex field.

Specifically, how does the seminar work?

Vanessa Habisreutinger: The knowledge will be imparted over four half-days in March. The seminar will have a lot of practical relevance, peppered with real examples, and will consolidate the knowledge through group and individual work. Classes will be held at the HWZ in Sihlhof, right next to Zurich's main train station. The seminar will be led and conducted by selected specialists who have distinguished themselves over the years with Excellence in Execution.

What is your personal motivation to drive Excellence in Execution?

Vanessa Habisreutinger: Less talking, more doing! Marketing is often perceived as a castle in the air, and rightly so. We are convinced that Excellence in AdOps Execution is the element that brings creativity with efficiency and relevance to the people.
Dominic Stöcklin: The more expertise there is in AdOps, the better digital campaigns with impact will be implemented, which has become more important especially in the current situation with pressure on marketing budgets.

More info about the seminar is available here.

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