HWZ organizes TEDxHWZ event "Enrich your mind" 2022

The Swiss economy needs more digital leaders: The study group of the Executive MBA Digital Leadership at the HWZ is organizing the next TEDx event as part of its continuing education program. On November 26, 2022, ten speakers will present stories and approaches to the digital transformation of our economy in a hybrid event.

Under the direction of digital leadership experts Sunnie J. Groeneveld, Manuel P. Nappo and Urs Bucher, executives, lifelong learners and digital transformation experts will take part in the third TEDxHWZ. The event will be held in hybrid form at the HWZ with limited seating and online via livestream. On November 26, 2022, ten speakers will share their stories and ideas on the topic of "Enrich your mind".

According to the organizers, the audience will benefit from the numerous discussion topics as well as from the opportunity to interact live with participants and speakers in digital discussion forums.

What are the goals of TEDxHWZ?

As part of the Executive MBA Digital Leadership HWZ, students organize their own TEDx (university) event. Lecturers and program directors motivate the participants of the Executive MBA Digital Leadership to develop their own perspective on leadership skills in a digital future. As digital leaders, the TEDxHWZ 2022 team aims to present ideas to the audience that are worth sharing. The event consists of a series of talks and performances in the familiar TED(x) format.

This year, TEDxHWZ is dedicated to today's reality, which is characterized by turbulent events, thus becoming the new normal. This involves a multitude of challenges that have a reciprocal influence on each other. This in turn requires individual resilience. Overcoming these challenges requires a new approach and mindset. Collaborative, interdisciplinary teams with their collective intelligence are best suited to solve complex tasks in a systemic context. Permanent change and adaptation is required, making lifelong learning an ongoing task.

With their stories and ideas, the ten speakers want to show how important it is to take different perspectives when shaping the future.

The ten Speaker:inside

More information on Tedxhwz.ch.

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