Gen Z is willing to spend more money for Spatial Audio

U.S.-based Agora researched Generation Z's preferences in spatial audio. Although half of the respondents were unaware of the technology, many would be willing to dig deeper into their pockets for a better listening experience.

(Iconic image: Unsplash/Sandy Kawadkar)

Spatial Audio refers to three-dimensional audio technology such as Dolby Atmos or 3D Audio from Apple.

Before the survey, almost half of the respondents (49 percent) had heard of spatial audio. 51 percent, on the other hand, knew nothing about the technology or were not sure if they had heard of it. 50 percent see less progress in the development of live audio than live video.

Gaming, TV shows and movies

When asked in which setting spatial audio experiences play the biggest role, gaming came first with 24 percent. TV shows and movies came in second with 21 percent. Virtual shows and concerts followed with 14 percent in popularity. Audiobooks/podcasts, online presentations and virtual meetings each accounted for nine percent. At eight percent, virtual tours of a psychic space and, at five percent, shopping experiences in stores play the least important role.

79 percent would buy new headphones for a better listening experience. For 28 percent of respondents, the price would be secondary. 26 percent think that the new headphones should not cost more than $50. 25 percent would not be willing to spend more than $100 for them.

In terms of the metaverse, 60 percent of Gen-Z consumers would prefer to use a service with 3D Spatial Audio. This means that voices and sounds are heard in the virtual environment based on proximity to the sound source. At 34 percent, just over a third were neutral on this issue. Only six percent said they would not prefer such a service in the metaverse. Companies like Apple and Meta have already recognized the trend and are increasingly investing in this area. (pte/swi)

As part of the study, Agora surveyed more than 1,500 Generation Z consumers.  

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