Davos Klosters advises guests virtually

The Davos Klosters destination is expanding its guest advisory service - with two virtual information desks that make personal video advice possible.

(Photo: Destination Davos Klosters/Andri Flury)

The Davos Klosters destination has recently installed a virtual guest advisory service at the Davos Dorf train station and at the UBS branch in Davos Platz. The centerpiece is a touchscreen display. If a guest touches the screen, someone from the tourism office answers - and thus starts the competent advice by video, as it is otherwise known on site in a classic information office. Guests can also find more information in the brochures on display.

The advice thus comes to the guests - directly to frequently frequented places where they spend time. The idea behind this was developed as part of the 'Tourist Office Lab', an association of over 20 tourism destinations in Switzerland.

Flexible ways of guest consulting

The guest advisory service of the Davos Klosters destination has been flexible for quite some time. A few years ago, for example, it launched the "rolling information desk" on wheels. At the time, this idea was developed as part of "Tourist Office 3.0", the predecessor of the "Tourist Office Lab". The findings from these working groups indicated that guest advice and information must come closer to the guests. The two new virtual information desks and the "mobile info office" enabled a new way of advising guests - complementing the existing info office as an information point.

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