Digitaltage launched: 200 events - and crypto artwork for the opening

Digitaltage 2022 offers more than 200 free events, lectures, demonstrations and workshops on the topic over seven weeks. Highlight on the opening day: the unveiling of a unique, Switzerland-wide crypto art project in cooperation with Swiss Post.

The Swiss Digital Days kick off with the unveiling of a crypto artwork, according to organizer Digitalswitzerland. The public is invited to contribute to one of the world's largest digital works of art.

Terms selected by visitors are transformed into images via a touchscreen art generator. The work can be auctioned off at the end of the Digital Days and the proceeds go to a good cause. Swiss Post will use the individual images for its next Crypto Stamps. At the opening in Bern, President Ignazio Cassis inaugurated the work.

This year, the days are to come across as regional as never before. The "bubbles" are intended to convey digitization to the population in a familiar environment.

The physical installations are designed to bring the various dimensions of digitization to life. They are tailored to the needs and questions of residents. The events are free of charge; registration is required in some cases.

Shortage of skilled workers becomes costly

Three main formats "GreenTech Startup Battles", "herHACK" and "NextGen: Future Skills Lab" are the focus. The Future Skills are particularly important for the industry.

In a study published Monday on vocational training for information and communication technologies (ICT), it shows that the shortage of skilled workers in the sector will accumulate a value-added loss of 30 billion francs by 2030. That is roughly the current annual output of the insurance industry.

Nevertheless, this is seen as a luxury problem because Swiss competitiveness is high worldwide, Digitalswitzerland criticized. But the study shows that the weaker growth of the ICT industry compared to surrounding countries will lead to a dwindling attractiveness of Switzerland for skilled workers - with serious economic consequences.

That's why the industry wants to promote young talent. In its view, this should begin in childhood and adolescence. ICT skills would become central in the fundamental structural change of the working world through digitalization.

Pro Juventute is reportedly involved with Digitalswitzerland in promoting mint skills (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology). (sda.)

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