Google Search wants to make it harder for fake news

With a new function, Google Search wants to make it easier for users to find out whether a website contains trustworthy information or not. Soon there will be background information on the search results.

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Google is launching a new feature for its search engine. It is designed to make it easier for users to assess the trustworthiness of search results and their sources. Especially when you discover a website in your search for the first time, it is difficult to assess whether it is a reputable source, writes Harris Cohen, Google Group Product Manager, Search, in a blog post about the new feature.

The new feature, which is initially available in German, Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish, is presented in the form of a menu icon that appears next to most search results. Clicking on the menu icon provides the following additional information:

  • More information about the source: In addition to the source description from Wikipedia, you learn what a website says about itself in its own words (if this information is available).

  • What do others on the Internet write about this website: Information about what others are writing about a website on the Internet - news, reviews and other helpful background information - helps to better evaluate sources.

  • Learn more about the topic: In the "Information on the topic" section, you will find further information, such as current reporting or results on the same topic from other sources.

The new additional menu is supposed to be available for most search results. There is no exact release date yet, but Google is talking about a release "in the coming weeks".

You can find the full blog post here. (Yannick Züllig/kfi)

This article was first published in Netzwoche.

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