The metaverse is a mystery to many, according to the study

Few people know what the metaverse is and hardly anyone can define it. This is according to a study by the agency Billion Dollar Boy with 4,560 interviews and surveys with marketers, consumers and creatives in the USA and the UK.


According to the study, only 28 percent of U.S. respondents could confidently define and describe the metaverse, while 21 percent were undecided about their opinion of it. Another 21 percent said they were confused about what characterizes the metaverse or what it is.

Younger more active in virtual space

The study also found that younger people in particular are using Metaverse technologies: In the U.S., 33 percent of Gen Z respondents (born in 1995 or later) and 27 percent of Millennials (born 1981 to 1995) are active users of the virtual space. The Metaverse is not yet fully built, but is a vast space filled with experiments and technologies that enable user experiences, as "Digital Information World" writes in connection with the new study.

Online content creators are the focus of every social media app, he said. Meta, for example, is driving development with 3D avatars that can be used across all its platforms, as it in a report by Press release is called. The Metaverse concept is to replace real-life interactions in all areas of life, including the online information industry. Creator marketing plays a big role in brand success, as many have their products recommended online by content creators. With the study, Billion Dollar Boy wants to explore future options for creators and brands in relation to Metaverse. (pte)

Details on the study "Creator Marketing in the Metaverse Era" can be found at by this link.

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