Integration of Zurich-based TheIndustry into the Yoc Group moves forward

Ad tech company Yoc AG can report the first successful integration steps around four months after acquiring Zurich-based TheIndustry AG.

TheIndustryThe product offerings of the two companies were merged, so that Yoc now has a broad product range of high-impact advertising formats developed in-house. Numerous Swiss premium publishers were integrated with their inventory into Yoc's own supply side platform VIS.X.

The first campaigns or programmatic deals with YOC high-impact advertising formats were delivered cross-device as Yoc Sitebar/Yoc Understitial Ad for the Swiss advertisers Audi, Volkswagen and Zuger Kantonalbank.

The company's own Yo Studio unit already adapts special advertising formats for well-known Swiss advertisers. The Swiss team was expanded by several digital specialists in order to meet the significantly increased demand from customers. At the same time, the name was changed to YOC Switzerland in the commercial register - the launch event with the complete Swiss supply and demand side is being prepared for August 2022.

Patrick Stüssi, Managing Director Yoc Switzerland on the integration of the Swiss team into the Yoc Group: "With VIS.X we are solving a market problem. VIS.X is a new, unique technological supply-side advertising platform that makes high-impact advertising formats tradable programmatically. Through Private Marketplaces, we bundle advertising inventory with YOC's own products in a holistic auction, offering buyers all relevant products in one transaction. Our technology unlocks the full potential of programmatic advertising: this is exactly what makes VIS.X the ideal platform for effective digital advertising."

"It is wonderful to see that the Swiss digital market has been waiting for exactly such an offer. Using Private Auctions or Preferred Deals via VIS.X, our customers now get preferential access to Yoc high-impact formats - and entirely without manual adjustments to the buyer's DSP. The technology layer in VIS.X transforms regular advertising media into high-impact rich media ad formats for every transaction," says Dario Piccinno, Managing Director YOC Switzerland, describing the advantages of the Yoc Group's product offering in Switzerland.

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