Cybercrime: threat situation remains serious according to Swisscom report

Both the Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine have a direct impact on cyber security, according to Swisscom's latest Cyber Security Threat Radar. With the report, Swisscom aims to provide large companies, SMEs and organizations with an overview of the threat situation in cyberspace and its development.

The flood of cyber threats remains high. First, the pandemic-related move of many employees to home offices opened the door to new attack methods. In the meantime, the threat situation has changed significantly for geopolitical reasons. The war in Europe is changing the world and is also being waged in cyberspace.

According to Swisscom's Cyber Security Threat Radar, new threats have come into focus this year, including "Concentration Data & Cloud Services". In a multi-cloud solution, a company uses several different cloud services, often from multiple providers. This offers more flexibility, but at the same time leads to more interfaces and an increase in the attack surface. The threat radar also identifies the shortage of skilled workers in the "security job market" as a growing risk. The shortage of skilled workers is exacerbating the current challenges in IT security. For companies, this means that they themselves must invest in internal specialist training and promote talent in order to ensure their attractiveness as an employer. Competition is fierce and the market is highly competitive.

Ransomware risk

According to the radar, the danger posed by ransomware remains a hot topic. While large corporations and operators of critical infrastructures such as energy providers and hospitals were previously the main targets of cybercriminals, SMEs and municipalities are now increasingly being hit. Attackers often have an easy game: they encounter unpatched systems, VPN access without multi-factor authentication, or IT that does not prevent the installation of malware. Thus, the risk of becoming a victim of a ransomware attack remains high. The report explains what countermeasures companies can take against these and other challenges.

Safely through the cyber world

In this situation in particular, it is especially challenging for companies and organizations to maintain an overview. Swisscom's Cyber Security Threat Radar is intended to support this by serving as a guide and compass for maneuvering through the cyber world. The report observes trends and challenges in the cyber world, links and evaluates them, and provides a compact overview of the threat situation and its development in Switzerland by pooling expert knowledge.

The Cyber Security Threat Radar as Download PDF.


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