Bag designed by yourself: Freitag presents digital cutting table

Bag manufacturer Freitag has developed the digital cutting table on which everyone can design their very own Freitag unique piece beyond all design guidelines according to their very own taste and then have it sent home as a real truck tarpaulin unique piece. 

Conventional bag manufacturers call it "cutting", Freitag calls it "bag design". F-Workers each individual bag by using templates and cutter knives to cut the best and most beautiful motifs individually from the tarpaulins. As the company explains, "At Freitag, we don't like to turn down individualists, so we brought together internal and external UX and bag designers, logisticians, interface and bag sewing professionals, and many other experts to invent F-Cut - a new, virtual form of bag design with real bag output. Anyone who can't find a bag that looks exactly the way he or she wants among the 100,000 or so unique Freitag bags currently on sale somewhere in the world is now invited to design his or her own bag at, the online cutting table. With four virtual templates and a choice of 20 to 50 different digitized truck tarpaulins, users can now design their own individual "F712 Dragnet courier bag to suit their own tastes.

The F-Cut idea goes back to a young multimedia student who invented, designed, programmed and, with the help of Freitag, turned the first F-Cut into reality almost twenty years ago as part of his diploma thesis. The same programmer, Severin Klaus, has now worked on this new development together with a team from the digital agency Dept. The 2022 version of F-Cut is more contemporary and user-friendly and continues to function as well as the "mother of all digital customization applications from back then," Freitag informs.

Link to the online cutting table on


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