Augmented reality and more: Google announces innovations in search and shopping

As part of Google Marketing Live, the company is announcing a number of innovations that expand the search options on Google and with YouTube - and also simplify shopping, including through the use of augmented reality.

Google kündigt NeuerungenJerry Dischler, Vice President and General Manager Ads at Google, says: "We've made shopping on Google Search more natural and intuitive. Categories such as "Apparel" have seen tremendous success as users are presented with more visual and organized browsing experiences. Over the course of the year, advertisers will be able to place new, visually appealing shopping ads for US consumers. These will be clearly labeled as ads and located in specific ad spaces,÷

3D models in the Google search

However, nothing will be able to replace the personal experience of seeing a product in real life or taking it home to try it out. But with augmented reality (AR) in cameras, you can get close to this experience - and shoppers are ready for it: Over 90 percent of Americans currently use AR when shopping or are open to this technology. Soon, retailers will be able to display three-dimensional models of their products directly in Google Search so that shoppers can see the products right in their own homes.

The so-called "Performance Max campaigns" are particularly powerful when customers need to be reached in their various Google channels. Advertisers who rely on this type of campaign achieve an average overall increase in conversions of 13% - with a comparable cost-per-action. Google has now announced several innovations in this area.

Search support also for offline shopping

Among other things, more tools will be made available for testing, for example A/B tests, which can be used to find out what impact Performance Max campaigns have on incremental conversions.

There is also extended support for campaign management in Search Ads 360 and in the Google Ads mobile app. In-store sales targets to optimize in-store sales in addition to store visits and local promotions are also supported.

The impact of burst campaigns is optimized - to achieve store visit targets in a given period during seasonal events.

Google also offers new statistics and explanations, including on customers, target groups and auctions, to evaluate how performance can be improved. As well as recommendations that users can use to find out how a campaign can be improved.

Machine learning will be increasingly used in statistics to identify new consumer demands and to create individual trend data. Google offers statistics based on billions of daily search queries and millions of signals for which Google analyzes every ad auction. Innovations in this area are also imminent and more will be announced soon.

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