Companies put virtual skyscraper in the city of Zurich

Three companies from Winterthur and Bern are jointly realizing a metaverse in the form of a residential and work tower in the middle of Lake Zurich. The action is intended to improve the acceptance of high-rise buildings.

Stadt Zürich
(Image: Designraum GmbH)

The "glo*tower," which is over 300 meters high, has luxurious penthouse apartments and offers its visitors an almost realistic experience with virtual stores, showrooms and restaurants. The "glo*tower" significantly changes the cityscape of Zurich, as the futuristic tower in the middle of Zurich's lake basin can be seen from afar. The view from the upper floors is breathtaking. At over 280 meters above the lake, it presents an unprecedented view over the city, the lake and the surrounding region to the Alps and beyond.

In addition to luxury apartments and attractive office space that is actually for sale, the digitally created high-rise building primarily offers attractive showrooms. These can be used by companies, brands and private individuals. The "glo*tower" is thus its own metaverse and creates virtual space for exhibitions, presentations and product placements. It is conceivable that the ordering services of participating stores and restaurants will be integrated into the tower in the near future and that it can establish itself as a virtual event location.

The "glo*group" is behind the concept of the first virtual skyscraper in Zurich. This is made up of the companies Designraum, Tollkirsch and Cmsbox. They combine their many years of experience in the fields of architectural and product visualization, branding, communication and web solutions. The glo*tower is the result of a concentrated load of expertise - tailored to the requirements of future-oriented real estate and product marketing.

Should improve acceptance of high-rise buildings

With the "glo*tower", the "glo*group" also wants to improve the acceptance of high-rise buildings in Switzerland, because "with the increase in population in Swiss cities, we have to get used to the fact that we will be moving closer together in the future," says Michael Waldvogel, a member of the "glo*group." "Possibly, thanks to virtual high-rises, people will get used to the fact that their cityscape will change sooner or later," adds Christoph Wysseier of "glo*group."

"In times of climate change, we also need to create more green spaces in cities. Taller and well-designed buildings can contribute to the solution," Christian Hungerbühler of "glo*group" is convinced. This theme was also incorporated into the design of the "glo*tower" through vertical greening and the creation of green oases across several floors.

In reality, a high-rise of this size in the most exclusive location in the middle of Lake Zurich is not (yet) feasible, but in the virtual world the building is already ready for occupancy. Available apartments can be selected via the glo*wohnungsfinder and viewed via a 360-degree panoramic tour. It is already possible to bid for a digital apartment in the "glo*tower. By clicking on the golden Bitcoin symbol inside the apartment, interested buyers can access OpenSea's NFT Marketplace, where they can place their bid using cryptocurrency. A first apartment of the "glo*tower" was already presented and auctioned at Swissbau 2022 in early May.

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