Lohncheck.ch and Matto-Group want to pave the way to a cookie-free future

Switzerland's largest salary comparison platform Lohncheck.ch becomes part of the Matto Group, which specializes in programmatic advertising. The two companies are pooling their strengths and continuing to focus on the use of first-party data, enabling them to reach their target groups effectively even in the cookie-free world.

Lohncheck.ch und Matto-Group
The two founders (from left): Matthias Thomann and Tobias Egli.


The cookie sunset will come at the end of 2023: Google will no longer support third-party cookies in the Chrome browser, which dominates the browser market worldwide with around 64 percent (Statcounter, April 2022). After that, third-party cookies can no longer be used for targeting. "However, the advertising market will continue to be characterized by a high demand for targeting. Contextual targeting can only begin to meet this demand," emphasizes Matthias Thomann. He adds: "Thanks to Lohncheck.ch's more than 1.4 million profiles and around 30 million first-party data points, we are in a position to effectively close the resulting gap. In this way, the Matto Group intends to continue to enable advertisers to target their campaigns to specific groups and support them in minimizing wastage."

First-party data: more precision in digital marketing

With Lohncheck.ch's first-party data and Matto-Group's curated media network, the two founders Tobias Egli and Matthias Thomann combine the essential ingredients for successful digital campaigns. Together, they are thus advancing to become the leading Swiss provider for the delivery of campaigns based on first-party data. Data obtained on Lohncheck.ch is anonymized, clustered into segments and made available for campaign targeting. This ensures that, on the one hand, campaigns reach the relevant target groups much more precisely and, on the other hand, the message has a much better impact.

As a result, Matto-Group's data-driven campaigns achieve a much higher ROAS (Return on Ad Spending). "Many companies run their communications based on tradition and habit. Data-driven marketing is on everyone's lips, but hardly anyone knows how it really works. But we make sure it works - and that's why we work with our customers to make data-driven marketing a reality," says Tobias Egli.

Data power in online recruiting

In the second quarter of 2022, the Matto Group is extending its successes with data-driven campaigns to online recruiting. Thanks to data-driven job ads, specific target groups searched for in job ads can be addressed online for the first time without wastage. Its media network allows the Matto Group to considerably expand the reach of job ads in the future and also address top talent who are not actively looking for a job. With Lohncheck Pro, the company already has an AI-based platform for analyzing pay equality in companies.

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