Teil.ch develops website with donation store for Kinderspitex

The association Kinderspitex cares for severely handicapped children - the agency Teil.ch has developed a new website for it, which focuses on donations.

The Swiss Children's Spitex Association makes a valuable contribution every day to the care and support of severely disabled children. More than 20 years ago, the founder and managing director Thomas Engeli was himself looking for relief for his family with a disabled child, but was unable to find it. Based on this experience and on his own initiative, he founded the Swiss Children's Spitex Association in 2000, which today is indispensable. Committed and qualified employees support affected families in care and support as well as in administration, in order to prevent them from being overburdened.

Teil.ch was commissioned to design and implement the new website. In close cooperation with Kinderspitex Schweiz, a brand new "look and feel" was created. The modern design and independent imagery, reflects the quality standards of the association. The core of the website is the donation store. Here, there are various ways to support Kinderspitex and thus families with seriously ill and disabled children with a donation package. For example, a lucky hour can be donated for CHF 50, which makes the concrete connection to a donation amount tangible. The Swiss Children's Spitex Association also engages in public activities. From the Football Summer Festival 2022 with celebrities from the football world such as Pascal Zuberbühler, to dance events and charity nights with musicians and comedians such as s'Rindlisbachers, a broad program runs throughout the year. To keep an overview, the site offers an agenda and a social wall additionally informs about news. In addition, a newsletter serves as a reminder for interested parties. Furthermore, the website presents the projects to support the families and their environment, as well as the association with its ambassadors.

Responsible at the Swiss Children's Spitex Association: Thomas Engeli (Founder and Managing Director), Dominic Kolb (Project Manager).
Responsible Agency: PART.CH (Concept, design and technical implementation). Photos: Thomas Suhner. Text: MeineTexter.


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