Half of Swiss households pay bills with eBill

With around 2.5 million users, the digital bill called eBill now reaches a good half of Swiss households. This year, the exchange operator Six, which runs the infrastructure for the digital bill, plans to launch additional functions.

2021 reached a new high of 50 million eBill transactions, the Six announced Tuesday. That was a quarter more than in the previous year.

Paperless billing, which no longer comes by mail or email but appears directly in e-banking, was introduced in its current form in 2018. More than 4,000 companies send their bills this way. According to Six, these include all leading telecommunications providers, health insurers, energy providers, transport companies, public administrations and credit card providers.

The service is offered by around 100 Swiss banks. The payment of an invoice takes place in online banking with one click or can also be automated.

Further innovations are planned for this year. For example, companies will not only be able to send invoices via eBill, but also to receive and process them directly with their own software. From the fall of 2022, foundations and charitable organizations will also be able to collect their donations with the digital invoice - in a way that is transparent and secure for donors, they say. (SDA)

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