House of Winterthur bundles services under one domain for the first time

The new online presence of House of Winterthur bundles all areas of activity of the association in one domain. The merging of the previous websites is intended to underline the integrated location marketing approach that House of Winterthur is pursuing.

The websites for tourism, business, meetings and events, as well as the association website House of Winterthur, which were previously managed separately, have now been merged into one. Whether interesting tips for excursions in the region, the latest events, or important information about the business location - under all information about Winterthur can be found since this week.

"Completely in line with integrated location marketing, we can use the new website to communicate Winterthur's positive image even better to the outside world and market the region as a dynamic business location, attractive leisure and business destination, lively cultural center and diverse educational region," says Catherine Zimpfer, Head of Marketing and Communications at House of Winterthur.

Uncomplicated cooperation

The domain once belonged to the former "Winterthur Insurance" - today AXA Switzerland. The city of Winterthur was also considered for the takeover, but decided to give the domain to House of Winterthur, according to House of Winterthur. "We are very happy about this gesture and about the uncomplicated and collegial cooperation with the city of Winterthur and AXA Switzerland," says Zimpfer.

Stories from and about Winterthur

The focus of the new website was deliberately placed on storytelling, says Fabienne Rüegg, project manager at House of Winterthur: "In the future, we want to tell even more positive, personal stories from Winterthur, which will be spread across our channels. In this way, we want to inspire as many visitors, companies and students as possible for Winterthur.

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