How much does a podcast cost?

Your own podcast: That's what more and more companies want. But what does it cost? The Podcastschmiede from Winterthur provides some guidance.

Ein eigener Podcast

The answer is, of course, that it depends. A six-part podcast season can cost 12,000 francs, but it can also cost 45,000 francs. But what does it depend on? What are the factors that make a podcast cheap or expensive? And what is the price range for a well-made podcast? The Podcastschmiede creates transparency and answers these questions in a detailed article.

Numerous companies and organizations have noticed this year that having their own podcast is worthwhile - including Advertising week m&k is connected with the in-house podcast "Off The Record in the process. With hardly any other medium, the audience still takes 15 minutes, 30 minutes, even an hour to delve into a topic or be taken on a journey. But podcasts manage that. Listen-through rates of 70 percent are not uncommon, even with long content. As long as the content is well done.

This doesn't have to be expensive, says Podcastschmiede founder Nico Leuenberger: "Many organizations produce their podcasts in-house. The equipment is affordable, that's all you really need. Except a flair for audio storytelling and time. A lot of time if you want it to be good." Because many organizations don't have that time and still want a high-quality podcast, they like to use agencies.

The money question comes at the very beginning

"One of the first questions they have when they contact us is always, 'How much is this going to cost us,'" says Leuenberger. To which he always has to elaborate a bit. There are five factors that determine the price. And the customer has an influence on each factor.

Factor 1: The concept. Does the customer already have a clear idea of the podcast? Or do they want the concentrated creativity that a podcast workshop can unleash?

Factor 2: The format. Talk podcasts are produced much more quickly than elaborate reports. And single episodes have less impact than a serially told story with cliffhangers that invite binge-listening.

Factor 3: The number of episodes. Will a short season be produced or a year-long format that appears every week?

Factor 4: The sound design. Is there already an audio branding? Does the podcast use purchased music or does the agency compose a distinctive melody?

Factor 5: Distribution. The most beautiful podcast will not be heard if it is not publicized. What platforms, what newsletter distribution lists, what magazine circulation does the client have? Will they run ads on Google or audio ads on Spotify?

Learning to appreciate the value of audio communication

"When they place an initial request with us, many have no idea what a podcast costs," says Leuenberger. If a quote then follows, the reactions vary greatly: Some are used to the costs of video productions and are then pleased to note that they can definitely save money with a podcast.

But others would overestimate the price difference and imagine a podcast too cheap: "We then show them how much work and passion is behind a good podcast. And we can provide good evidence of the impact podcasts can have. Then they quickly realize: it's worth it."

The detailed article can be found on the Website of the Podcastschmiede can be called.

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