No Sleep Agency launches minigame for Dr. Oetker

For the launch of the new product series "The Good Baker" by Dr. Oetker, the Zurich agency No Sleep Agency implemented an augmented reality minigame for Instagram.

With "The Good Baker" Dr.Oetker has launched three new pizza varieties. The products have a thin stone-oven base made from different types of flour, grains, seeds or sourdough. No sugar is added to the vegetarian or vegan pizzas. Artificial flavors or flavor enhancers are also not used.

As part of the launch campaign for "The Good Baker," No Sleep Agency created an interactive Augmented reality minigame programmed for Instagram. The players can control the character of the campaign with their heads and must collect the new pizzas, as well as their ingredients. Since the products are vegetarian and vegan, it is necessary to avoid the meat pieces. The filter has been programmed to save the personal high score, so you can always improve.

The minigame is used as part of a sweepstakes and an influencer campaign. In collaboration with Vondach, No Sleep Agency implemented a supporting mobile-first landing page.

Responsible at Dr. Oetker Switzerland: Valentina Mejenina (Media and Communications Manager), Helen Yildirim (Product Manager Pizza), Valery Henle (Managing Director). Responsible at No Sleep Agency: Silvan Obrecht (project management), Ivan Heinzer (consulting). Responsible at Vondach: Nicola Dutoit (Art Director), Eric Léger (Backend Development).

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