Volvo Switzerland and Dreifive launch automotive chatbot on Instagram

The Dreifive agency has implemented a conversational commerce chatbot for Instagram in collaboration with its long-standing client Volvo Switzerland and Memacon.

Instagram chatbots have only been around for a few weeks, but they are already offering companies a new and innovative way of addressing customers. Volvo, too, is now relying on this automated and smart form of communication.

Interested customers can use Volvo's Instagram chatbot to receive virtual guidance on the various car models, equipment lines and color options. These components create a fully automated dialog option with infotainment character that can provide additional support in the important phases of the purchase decision, according to Dreifive. Users can also use a deep link to further process their desired model in the configurator or arrange a test drive directly, which provides the opportunity for lead generation and, above all, a modern and interactive exchange with the brand.

Instagram chatbots now respond to keywords that have also been stored in the Volvo chatbot, so that artificial intelligence can be used to respond appropriately to customer queries and simplify customer service. In the conception of the chatbot, preparatory interface connections to the CRM system Salesforce via API have already been implemented. In terms of evaluation, comprehensive analyses enable a precise understanding of customer behavior and optimization of the user journey.

"Our incentive for the chatbot was to provide users with a simple and needs-oriented introduction to our Volvo model range and to accompany them in the decision-making process in a modern, open-minded and target group-oriented way," says Giovanni Porcelli, Digital and Social Media Manager at Volvo Switzerland, explaining the communication measures implemented.

Responsible at Volvo Switzerland: Giovanni Porcelli (Digital and Social Media Manager), Katharina Medcher (Junior Digital and Social Media Manager). Responsible at Dreifive: Tiziana Tarzia (Teamlead Social Media), Dylan Hess (Consultant Social Media), Marleen Albert (Head of Social Media). Responsible at Memacon: Moritz Beck (Managing Director/Owner).

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