In Flagranti creates new website for V.Fischer Immobilien

In Flagranti Communication conceived and designed the new website for the broad range of services offered by V.Fischer Immobilien. The user-centered approach is designed to create clear added value in all directions.

V.Fischer Immobilien has been managing residential and commercial buildings for almost 150 years. Not quite as old - but ripe for big changes - was their Website. In Flagranti Communication equipped it with a target-oriented user experience, target-group-specific content and a clear design.

The company is a partner for all real estate-related issues. According to In Flagranti, the initial situation for the new website was correspondingly complex. A clear separation of the content for investors and tenants/buyers, reduced navigation points, and clear visual markers are now intended to help visitors navigate quickly on the site. New tools such as the renovation calculator or the real estate appraiser are also intended to offer added value and opportunities for interaction.

This user-centric approach has resulted in a contemporary website that also gives space to V.Fischer Immobilien's brand values, history and team.

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