The #FacebookDown in numbers

After the worldwide total breakdown of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, the platforms are running as usual again. The Berlin agency ABCD Agency has created statistics on the #FacebookDown.


On Monday, three of the world's most used social networks - Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram - were offline for six hours. The reason is said to have been an error in the reconfiguration of routers, according to Facebook.

Normally, platforms run at full speed around the clock. Research by ABCD Agency shows what the involuntary break resulted in, statistically speaking:

  • 25 billion WhatsApp messages and 54 million Facebook messages were not sent
  • 3.75 billion fewer minutes were spent on the phone via WhatsApp
  • 125 million Instagram stories could not be posted
  • 3.6 billion minutes that would have otherwise been spent on Instagram were used for something else
  • 53 million photos were not uploaded to Facebook

The calculation is based on data on daily use of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. These were then calculated for a period of six hours. ABCD used sources from TechCrunch, WhatsApp, the "Domo Data never sleeps report" and the "Digital 2021: Global Overview Report".

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