In Flagranti shows how apprentices find an apprenticing company - and vice versa

Two municipalities, a vocational training center and a trade and industry association in the Seeland region are joining forces. Together they are launching The new platform makes it easier for apprenticeship seekers to start their careers. And it makes it easier for training companies to find apprentices. The project was implemented by In Flagranti.

For many students in 8th grade and above, finding an apprenticeship is a huge hurdle. Conversely, many companies have trouble finding suitable school leavers for vacant apprenticeships. As a result, apprenticeship positions remain unfilled and are even cancelled altogether. Against this background, the BWZ Lyss, the trade and industry association Lyss-Aarberg and surrounding area plus the two municipalities of Lyss and Aarberg are launching the new "dating platform". offers school leavers and companies alike new opportunities for contact: At the "Börse", a fair for apprenticeship seekers, over 60 apprenticeship companies present their companies. On "Talents", apprenticeship seekers leave their profiles for interested companies. And "Backstage" offers tours where young people can take a look behind the scenes of committed apprenticeship companies without any obligation.

Responsible at BWZ Lyss: Patricia Tinner. Responsible at the Trade and Industry Association: Lorenz Schmid. Responsible at the municipality of Lyss: Stefan Nobs. Responsible at the municipality of Aarberg: Rosmarie Steffen. Responsible Agency: In flagrante delicto.

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