LSA Lunch Time travels to western Switzerland for the fourth episode

The already fourth episode of the LSA Leading Swiss Agencies podcast series was hosted by Michael Kamm and Chris Fluckiger, two leading heads of LSA agencies in French-speaking Switzerland.

Westschweizer LSA-Agenturen

In August 2020, the LSA launched its first podcast, LSA Lunch Time, in Swiss German ( reported). Now that the LSA has opened an office in French-speaking Switzerland in the spring of 2021, which is intended above all to help increase the association's visibility in the region and attract new members from French-speaking Switzerland, it was natural for the podcast series to visit French-speaking Switzerland as well.

In a half-hour conversation, two industry experts discuss what moves the world of communications and give an insight into their daily work. Listeners learn what drives agency heads, new talent and other exciting guests.

Experienced French Swiss duo

Are the constant growth of the industry and the geographical changes in the market blurring the differences between the German- and French-speaking regions? Can we still speak of a "Rösti divide" in a changing market?

For the first LSA Lunchtime Podcast in French-speaking Switzerland, Agence Trio CEO Michael Kamm and Chris Fluckiger, CEO of Mediatonic, sought to answer these questions by bringing their years of experience and expertise to bear.

In this interview, they talk about the various challenges that agencies in French-speaking Switzerland face on the national market, the need for a close relationship with the German-speaking market and the know-how of a region that plays an important role on the national market.

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