Avatar launches NFT collection

Instagram avatar Aya Stellar launches her first NFT collection. With digital artworks, the virtual being wants to position herself in the NFT market in a unique way.

The collection on OpenSea and Rarible consists of eleven digital artworks created using 3D modeling software and effects rendering. The digital works visualize Aya Stellars Space travel to Earth.

The curated NFT collection features digital moving images with vaporwave colors, cosmic symbols, universal geometry and is accompanied by spherical sound frequencies. Using 3D animation technology, the artworks are intended to create a meditative moment for the viewer. Aya Stellar's "earth-meets-cosmos aesthetic" is undergoing ongoing development. Collaborations with artists from Switzerland and Europe are in planning.

"The combination of colors, music and animation makes NFT art an emotional experience in itself," explains Annika Kessel, Co-Founder and CEO of Cosmiq Universe. "Art reaches people, touches them emotionally and inspires them to think and feel. The NFT artworks offer us the opportunity to share Aya Stellar's zeitgeist messages and convey her real-world applicable science fiction stories."

The NFT market is on the rise as a growing social and economic trend. It enables direct connections between artists and collectors with fully digitized crypto token-based certificates to authenticate art and other digital assets. A continuing trend that allows any participant in the crypto world to connect with the art creator - in this case, Aya Stellar - via a direct transaction without going through a third party, as is required in the physical art world.

Digital art from a virtual ambassador

Aya Stellar is a virtual ambassador with a growing community of followers on Instagram (Werbewoche.ch reported). Cosmiq Universe is a transmedia company from Zurich that creates storytelling on impact topics using avatars. With the virtual beings Aya Stellar and Leya Love, Cosmiq Universe brings science fiction messages to the digital and analog world as well as to social media. The avatars spread messages about love, consciousness, nature and planet Earth. They spread their stories and images in over 60 countries so far.

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