Andy Was Right breaks standards with Rebels 0.0%

Together with digital content newsroom Andy Was Right, new brand Rebels 0.0% launches a social media campaign with flavor. The brand promotes sophisticated non-alcoholic alternatives to gin, rum and aperitifs. The promotional videos for this are intended to break down norms.

As active support for the Europe-wide launch, the drinking rebels have brought the digital content newsroom Andy Was Right to their side. With the "Andys", Rebels 0.0% is also positioning itself online with an appealing storytelling concept and matching video content.

The campaign, which runs on Instagram and Facebook, breaks not only with common drinking norms, but also advertising norms. At the heart of the social media campaign are short, relatable videos that showcase the lifestyle of an "everyday rebel." Unlike other well-known beverage or alcohol ads, however, Andy Was Right does not rely on highly polished studio films, but on short POV videos that show everyday situations and people.

According to Gregory Koefer, senior video creator at Andy Was Right, the point-of-view setting is intended to give viewers a more intimate connection with the protagonist. This setting is rather unusual for commercial advertising, he said, which in turn makes it interesting. The individual scenes are meant to break with expectations and stereotypes and emphasize the rebellious everyday moment.

New content is constantly available on as well as Rebels 0.0%'s Facebook and Instagram profiles.

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