Campfire makes the website of Apostroph fit

How can Swiss pioneering tradition and entrepreneurial innovative spirit, emotional language world and rational IT cosmos as well as man and machine be transported in a user-friendly, independent and inspiring way on a B2B website? Apostroph Switzerland has commissioned the Biel agency Campfire with a new web concept.

Not a redesign, not a relaunch, but a new digital B2B communication platform with a radical user focus was to be the new Website be

From an online survey, user testing with prototype, and analysis throughout the development process, a sharp user profile emerged. For Campfire, this provided the compass for web structure, content and design. Lively, cosmopolitan and good-humored illustrations should make even the technical services approachable and understandable. Photos from Apostroph's offices show people in their world of 70 languages or tinkering with IT solutions.

"It reflects digitally what defines us in our daily work: consistent customer focus and wide-awake innovative spirit," says Apostroph project manager Larissa Stalder. She says Campfire made the site technologically fit and developed a coherent, clear and independent digital presence. "We had clear requirements, a good exchange, but no tight corset," says Damian Kunz of Campfire. "In digital design, the existing Apostroph logo was the only specification. We were happy to use this freedom - for a perfect interaction of content, design and code."

Responsible at apostrophe: Larissa Stalder. Responsible agency: Campfire. Illustrations: Team Turmoil. Photos: Raul Surace.

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