Update revises app and website for DearMamma breast cancer campaign

Almost three years ago, the non-profit organization "The Dear Foundation" launched the breast cancer awareness campaign "DearMamma". Now the Update agency has completely revamped the self-check app and information website it developed back then. In eleven languages, with text-to-speech functions and responsive design.

Every year, more than half a million women die of breast cancer worldwide, especially in low-income countries in the developing world. Lack of awareness, feelings of shame and inadequate or unaffordable medical care are the causes. To combat this, in 2018 the awareness campaign "DearMamma" from "The Dear Foundation"one of the largest private foundations for development aid in Switzerland.

A free smartphone app is designed to motivate women around the world to regularly self-check their breasts and enable them to find additional information on the subject on a website. After all, the sooner breast cancer is detected and treated, the better the chances of being cured.

App and website closely linked

After evaluating the experience and feedback of the first almost three years, the Zurich Internet agency Update was again commissioned to rebuild the website. It was also commissioned to develop the app for Android systems and iPhones. The formulated goal for both missions was to make the offerings even more intuitive and user-friendly, and to reach even more people with them.

The result is a close fusion of app and website. The cover of the project is a landing page designed as a "OnePager" that briefly and concisely explains the initiative in eleven languages - German, English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali and Chinese - and contains links to the free app in the Google and Apple stores. With corresponding QR codes, which are also to be used in advertising material, one can also start the app download via the smartphone camera.

Self-examination via app

The app - also available in eleven languages and thus potentially usable by around half of humanity - explains in text, images and video how to perform the self-examination for possible breast cancer. If desired, reminder functions can be activated and notes left to help repeat these self-tests regularly and continuously. All data collected is stored exclusively on the smartphone, and the app, once installed, also works offline. To enable women with little or no reading skills to use it, both landing page and app offer text-to-speech functions.

The website is supplemented by an information page with detailed information on breast cancer, the awareness campaign, the sponsorship, and statements from supporters and people affected by breast cancer from all over the world. A news and media section as well as various contact forms complete the offer. This extended information area is only available in English.

Processwire, responsive design, NativeScript

Landing page and information website are based on the free content management framework "Processwire". To ensure that the offers are usable on all devices, "responsive design" techniques were used. The NativeScript framework was used for the uniform programming of the app on the Android and iPhone platforms.

Responsible at Update: Oliver Arnoczky (project management), Urs Brauchli, Markus Koch (programming), Markus Hasler (design).

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