Netflix taps new revenue with online store for fan merchandise

The streaming market leader Netflix is setting the course for a larger entry into the merchandising business with an online shop for fan merchandise. While its big rival Walt Disney has been earning a lot of money for decades by selling and marketing products for fans of its comics, films and series, Netflix has largely done without this source of revenue until now. On Thursday, it now launched its own internet shop.

So far, only a manageable selection of items is available there. For the premiere, Netflix is offering shirts, hoodies and other designer products related to the anime series "Eden" and "Yasuke". It's a "boutique" concept, Netflix manager Josh Simon told the New York Times. Simon joined Netflix in March 2020 from Nike to build the company's fan merchandise business. More items are expected to be added to the store in the coming days, including pillows and boxers featuring Netflix's logo and motifs from the "Lupin" series.

Given the popularity of series like "Tiger King" and "Stranger Things," merchandising has long been seen by many analysts as a logical next step for the company. The internet, for example, is already teeming with homemade fan merchandise. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings had already expressed interest in this business area and also in further projects such as theme parks in recent years - but rather for long-term planning. (SDA)

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