In the USB annual report of OSW, the management answers personally

The Basel agency OSW has realized an online annual report for the Unispital Basel. On a website, the members of the management provide explanations as digital avatars in the annual report.

Annual reports are usually a dry affair. Behind the figures, the people in the company risk getting lost. The 2020 Annual Report of the University Hospital Basel now turns this around: Instead of simply publishing a series of long texts, important aspects of the past financial year are narrated directly by the respective members of the management themselves. As animated figures, they are available to answer questions.

In collaboration with the developers of Open Interactive, OSW has given the management a more personal touch on a specially designed website: On the home page, visitors are greeted by the hospital's management, which on closer inspection turn out to be not just static images, but avatars similar to those seen in computer games. Clicking on them takes you to a subpage on which the individual members of the management tell you personally how they experienced the past year. A series of articles on the company's core values underscores the fact that purely key figures cannot adequately illustrate the past year.

Stepping boldly into the future with transparency is the declared goal. The digitally embedded humanity should help to communicate this aspiration in a credible way.

The online annual report with numerous performance reports as downloads supplements the two print editions of the consolidated and financial reports.

Responsible at the University Hospital Basel: Caroline Johnson (Deputy Media Spokesperson). bMichael Oswald (Creative Direction), Nathalie Baltisberger (Consulting). Programming: Open Interactive.

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