My105 and Grand Casino Baden launch "Jackpots Radio

My105 launches the next radio tailored specifically to a customer: Together with the Grand Casino Baden, the makers of My105 are launching the music channel "My105 Jackpots Radio".

On the new Music Channel The radio station will offer sound from the areas of lounge music, nu-jazz, chill-out, nu-soul, deep house and "sophisticated pop music," according to a statement. In addition, "My105 Jackpots Radio" provides the basis for further planned online and offline activities and events.

In July 2019, the Grand Casino Baden launched the online casino ( reported). "Through this unique 360-degree cooperation with My105, we can build an ideal bridge between our analog and digital offerings in a very emotional way and create a great brand experience," explains Beat Lehmann, Head of Marketing at Grand Casino Baden.

"When designing the sound for Jackpots Radio, we imagined what music someone would want to hear when entering the Grand Casino Baden or during an online game on," adds 105 boss Giuseppe Scaglione. "It was also important to us not to develop a "more of the same" channel, but to offer My105 users an additional world of music."

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