Campfire implements new website for Child Protection Switzerland

Child Protection Switzerland modernizes its website and wants to lay the foundation for the digitalization of its activities. Campfire is responsible for the implementation of the website.

The national leader in the field of child protection has set itself the goal of making its areas more accessible to all stakeholders, including digitally. For the strategy and implementation of this project, we engaged Child Protection Switzerland the Biel agency Campfire.

Campfire's vision was to use the foundation's extensive content to create a platform that generates added value for all stakeholders - from politicians and social workers to internal stakeholders. By means of co-creation, surveys and user tests, requirements and needs were elicited, which significantly influenced the structure and content. For example, a large part of the products were digitized and a library was created to provide professionals with quick access to tools, downloads and products for their daily work. Areas for politics and the media have also been optimised with clear and simplified guidance and quick access.

One of the most important points in the content strategy was the expansion of the site with a section for parents and guardians. Until now, they have been addressed mainly by means of prevention campaigns, although the topics dealt with are of great interest to them according to search behaviour. This is a lost opportunity to sensitize the general public to the issue of violence in education. Because: "Prevention starts with answering the most important questions in a way that is appropriate for the target group," explains Michèle Bash, a consultant at Campfire. "That's why it was important to anticipate the challenges and problems of guardians at the earliest possible stage of their Journey and to highlight alternative courses of action."

The website has thus become not only a comprehensive digital information platform for experts, politicians and the media, but also a mainstay of prevention work.

Responsible at Child Protection Switzerland: Tamara Parham (Head of Communications), Daniela Ambühl (Communications Specialist). Responsible at Campfire: Pius Caduff (Concept & Technical Management), Michèle Bash (Concept & Consulting), Dirk Unger (UX Design), Damian Kunz (User Tests), Daniel Vasile (Frontend Development), Noémie d'Ans (Frontend Development), Patric Martin (Backend Development). Support Text: Inyourface.

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