View: "Look Through" enters third season with new female hosts

The new season of the Blick knowledge podcast "Durchblick" starts on Thursday - supported by the Gebert Rüf Foundation for the second year in a row. The format is now presented by two female Blick journalists.

New guides for the "Durchblick" talks: Seraina Tanner (left) and Jennifer Rieger. (Picture: zVg.)

Why do we get addicted to pepper chips? What happens in the body during lovesickness? How does Bitcoin work - and how long will we still have cash? Starting Thursday, users will once again receive answers to questions about science every week in the knowledge podcast "Durchblick". In addition to new topics, the audio format also gets two fresh voices: 38-year-old Blick podcast producer Jennifer Rieger and 36-year-old Sereina Tanner, daily manager and presenter at Blick TV, are the new "Durchblick" hosts. Starting Thursday, the two trained radio journalists will lead the 30-minute talks together - in the first episode on the topic of "Why do certain foods make us happy?

"With our podcasts, we make complex topics tangible for an audio-savvy audience. We are very pleased that we can realize two more seasons of 'Durchblick' together with the Gebert Rüf Foundation," says Katia Murmann, Editor-in-Chief of and Head of Digital of the Blick Group. "With Sereina Tanner and Jennifer Rieger, listeners can look forward to two competent hosts who will explain important knowledge to them in a simple way." The podcast will be produced entirely in-house from this season onwards.

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